Prepare & Plan Today for Your Funeral Arrangements

Today you have time . . . time to plan, to prepare, and to make decisions about what you want for your final arrangements. Perhaps you wish to discuss your ideas with your family, or you may feel strongly about making these decisions all on your own. Whatever your situation, you will be able to create your plan down to the smallest detail without pressure or emotional stress.


With dozens of decisions surrounding end-of-life arrangements, grieving family members are often confused and upset. Here are just a few of the questions and issues to be dealt with at the time of death:

  • Do we choose cremation or a traditional burial?
  • Did our loved one wish to donate organs, tissue, or his or her body to science?
  • Who will plan the service and oversee all the details?
  • Will this be a religious, fraternal, or military service?
  • Do we need a cemetery plot or place for cremains?
  • Should we have a site marker or monument?
  • What specific customs, readings, or music should be performed?
  • Is there any particular clothing or jewelry in which to bury our loved one?
  • Is there any insurance or death benefit? Who pays for what?


Pre-planning your final arrangements answers many of these types of questions for distressed family members, at a time when they feel most vulnerable and prone to making regrettable choices.


Allow your family to move quickly from grief to a celebration of your life by addressing these concerns today. The Strauch family has been assisting people with their final arrangements for generations, with an experience and knowledge that is apparent from the start:

  • First, our counselor meets with you to explain your options, guide you in identifying your needs and wishes, and assist you in creating your personal end-of-life plan.
  • Next, you select the package, options, and additional merchandise associated with your service choice.
  • Then, we create your personal planning file, record vital information, and guide you in gathering documents for the required forms.
  • Finally, you may pay for your services and merchandise ahead of time through a selection of funding options.


Our skilled counselors will be pleased to meet with you at any of our convenient locations or even to visit your home at your convenience. Together we will outline your burial choices, discuss funding options, and handle the necessary paperwork.


Plan your final celebration today with Strauch: Personal, Affordable, Comfortable.

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