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Distinctive North Pocono Region Funeral Services 

From traditional and religious to contemporary and meaningful, the Strauch family offers you distinctive funeral service packages. Once you choose your package, view the special service options below to see how many ways there are to tailor your end-of-life celebration, creating a totally unique and personal tribute.


 Popular Funeral Packages 

Our Traditional Funeral Package includes: 

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Embalming (requested by the family)
  • Dressing, casketing, and cosmetology
  • Use of facilities, staff, and equipment for visitation and/or funeral servive at the funeral home or a facility of your choice & supervision of the graveside service
  • Transfer of your loved one into funeral home care (within 25 mile radius)
  • Funeral coach and driver
  • Lead car and utility car
  • Print Package (includes register book, prayer & acknowledgement cards, laminated obituaries and memorial photo slide show) 

This package does not include casket, outer burial container (if required by cemetery), cash advance items, limousine or additional vehicles. 

Our Immediate Burial Package includes: 

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Transfer of your loved one into funeral home care (within 25 mile radius)
  • Transportation to cemetery
  • Dressing and casketing (if requested)
  • Metal Casket: Hammertex (silver colored, 20 gauge metal)
  • Temperature Controlled Storage in lieu of embalming

This package does not include cash advance items, outer burial container (if required by cemetery), embalming, use of facilities, staff, and equipment for visitation and funeral service, register book, prayer & acknowledgements cards.



This unique option is an excellent choice for those who embrace the environment, wish to minimize their carbon footprint and leave the world in a gentle way making a positive statement. A green burial promotes the growth of native foliage and bringing forth new life. In this way, the end of a life beautifully gives way to the beginning of another. 

Green burials do not include embalming or any other preparation process. The body is simply placed in an eco-friendly casket, made from biodegradable materials such as bamboo and seaweed. Nature takes its course and no harsh substances are released into the ground. A green burial isn’t just eco-friendly—it’s economical and affordable.

If you have spent your life protecting the environment, let your final choice reflect this personal philosophy.  


***Please note: We are honored to offer this unique and earth friendly option, but it is ultimately up to the cemetery that you've selected as to whether they will allow green burials. Most cemeteries in the North Pocono area require an outer burial container (a burial vault), eliminating the eco-friendly option.  



We also offer a wide variety of special service options to customize every end-of-life celebration for an event both unique and memorable:

  • Casket personalization—Reflect the passion of a lifetime with commemorative panels and personalized drapes for the casket
  • Military honors—For soldiers and veterans we offer services such as honor guard, a gun salute (if available), and the traditional playing of Taps
  • Online obituaries and video tributes—For family and friends unable to attend in person or who simply wish access to information from the comfort of home
  • Remembrance jewelry and keepsakes—For gifts or a personal memorial
  • Time honored bagpipes—A beautiful tribute
  • Customized DVD—A digital presentation celebrating a special life
  • Services at unique venues—Choose the location and we will accommodate you

 The options above may be exactly what you are looking for, or you may have a distinct vision of something quite different. Simply sit down with our staff and, together, we will create a tribute that meets your needs and desires.

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