One of A Kind

Funeral & Memorial Services That Are Unique and Personal 



Not all hearses and limousines need to be Cadilliacs or Lincolns

Sometimes a limousine can be a school bus and a hearse can be an ambulance



And the vehicle leading your loved one home could be their own


Or we could display something important to your loved one inside or outside of our funeral home        


The Strauch family is changing the way you look at funerals, creating an end-of-life celebration that focuses on real people and a real life. Your ideas come first in designing a memorable and affordable event that meets the needs of your family.

We help you create a wonderfully unique service that tells the world how special and loved this person truly has been, in life and forever after. Elegant and sophisticated, simple and fresh, or filled with laughter and gratitude for a life well lived; any of these descriptions may fit your wishes for a final tribute, or perhaps you have other ideas. How will you know what to do when the time comes?

Sit down with us . . . your cherished memories of a very special life are safe here. Your vision will take form as our planner guides you through the available options and service choices. Then, with our guidance, you will create the celebration your loved one deserves: exceptional, personal, and designed with respect for a life well lived.

REVIEW OUR POPULAR FUNERAL SERVICE PACKAGES or Cremation Services and the many options for personalizing your event choice. In addition, our expert staff will assist in the application for any available benefits that you may be entitled to receive, as well as notifying organizations and government entities such as Social Security, Veterans Administration, Veterans Affairs, personnel departments, and fraternal organizations. At your request, we will even handle all life insurance claims.

At the Strauch family of funeral homes, we commit to supporting you through every step of the process from finding your vision of a perfect tribute to our aftercare and grief support services.

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