Lost and Found my Dad........only to lose him again.......

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Lost and Found my Dad........only to lose him again.......

by Sherrilynn


One day, when I was only four years old, my mother took me from Denver, Colorado where I was born and lived, to Upstate New York without my father's knowledge. Then, within months of the move to New York, my mother proceeded to give me up for adoption. Subsequently, my father was contacted to relinquish his rights to me. He refused to do so and immediately obtained an attorney to get me back. In the meantime, without his knowledge, the courts took it upon themselves and relinquished me for adoption. I was eventually adopted at the age of six years old and from that age until I turned 18 years old, I endured many different forms of child abuse (which of none I want to bring up now.)


That took its toll on me for years and led me to a life of depression from childhood till now. Once old enough, I moved out onto my own and started my search for my father. Years went by as the pain increased. My numerous searches throughout the years got me no where and with each disappointment, I grew more depressed with my life. I met and married my husband, who, although I didn't know it at the time, would be the one to help me in my search.)

I learned through reading about the I.S.R.R. (International Soundex Reunion Registry.) I registered with I.S.R.R. on Sept. 15, 1997 but tried not to get my hopes up to only be let down again. I also didn't have much information to give other than my birthday and place of birth. That was it!! Well,that apparently was all I needed to make a match. Only ten days after the I.S.R.R. received my registry form, I received a call and was told there had been some matches made.

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