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Unique & Affordable Cremation Services for the Scranton Area

Metallic Cremation Urn

The Strauch family offers distinctive cremation service packages that can range from religious or traditional to contemporary, all meaningful and memorable. Choose a basic package, and then tailor your end-of-life celebration with the special service options below. We offer a wide variety of ways to create a totally unique and personal tribute for yourself or your loved one.

The Direct Cremation Package includes:

  • Basic services of funeral director and staff
  • Transfer of remains to funeral home (within 25 mile radius)
  • Transfer of remains to crematory
  • Crematory fee
  • Alternative container

The Direct Cremation with a Gathering of Family & Friends includes:

  • All of the above plus use of facilities, staff, and equipment for gathering in our legacy center or other facility

The Reflection of Life Service with Private Family Viewing includes:

  • All of the above plus embalming; dressing, casketing, and cosmetology; and one hour private family viewing

The Traditional Funeral Service with Cremation includes:

  • All of the above plus a traditional or religious service

These cremation packages may not include items such as funeral merchandise, caskets, or specific containers for remains. Contact Us for specific information on any cremation package.

One of our professional staff will assist you in arranging any of the above packages, tailored to reflect the special life of your loved one. Our wide variety of special service options allows you to customize every event to authentically reflect a special life. Some options include:

  • Release of balloons, butterflies, or doves—A wonderful symbolic tribute
  • Custom-made remembrance teddy bears—A sweet and personal touch
  • Military honors—For soldiers and veterans we offer services such as honor guard, 21-gun salute, and the traditional playing of Taps
  • Online obituaries and video tributes—For family and friends unable to attend in person or who simply wish access to information from the comfort of home
  • Oil portraits—A rendering of a special photo by talented artists
  • Remembrance jewelry and keepsakes—For gifts or a personal memorial
  • Time honored bagpipes—A beautiful tribute
  • Tribute blankets—A lovely choice for a warm, personal touch
  • Customized DVD—A digital presentation celebrating a special life
  • Services at unique venues—Choose the location and we will accommodate you

Our staff will be pleased to assist you in your efforts to create a tribute that meets your needs and desires.

Whole-Body Donation for Medical Research and Education

For families looking to honor the wishes of their loved ones and to improve the lives of future generations, we present the option of whole-body donation for medical research, education, and training. In cooperation with the GenLife Institute, a nationwide donation program, this no-cost cremation option includes transportation from the place of passing. In addition, GenLife Institute will return the cremated remains, if requested, within three to six weeks anywhere in the United States. GenLife Institute also provides two certified copies of the death certificate at no cost.

An Environmentally Friendly Alternative

EcoEternity Forests are undisturbed forest preservations that provide beautiful, ecologically friendly, and peaceful resting places for cremated ashes. Ashes are placed in biodegradable urns and buried at the roots of mature trees. Over time, the roots will absorb the nutrients and create a living memorial for friends and family to visit for generations. EcoEternity Forests truly allow life to begin again.