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The Importance of a Funeral Home Owning Their Own Crematory

Cremation Urn Carrier at Brian Arthur Strauch Funeral Home Cremation Information

Your loved one never leaves our care. We own and operate our own crematory so that we can provide careful, dignified handling of every cremation, which insures against misplacing or misidentifying loved one's remains. This practice, in turn, enhances our "Families Peace Of Mind," knowing all cremations are done by our trained cremation specialists.

Whether you use Strauch Cremation Center Crematory or another cremation provider, make sure to ask if your loved one will be cremated by them, or sent to a third party for cremation. Also, confirm that they do they have a refrigerated holding area to keep a loved one's remains while the death certificate and cremation permit are obtained, which at times can take several days.  With Brian Arthur Strauch Funeral Home and Cremation Services, your loved one never leaves our care and is always placed in our refrigerated holding area when embalming is not selected. This practice also allows out-of-town family the opportunity to say their last goodbyes and have some closure before the cremation.

By having one of the newest and most technologically advanced crematories in Pennsylvania, families can have “Peace of Mind” knowing safety and proper identification procedures are being maintained while their loved one is in our care.

You benefit from our strong commitment to cremation and extensive cremation experience.  We can answer your cremation questions thoroughly and provide compassionate and customized cremation care.